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🍿 Let’s Make Your Fundraising POP !  🍿  30% - 50 % Profit Margins!!

Since we are a mom and pop shop and make all of our products on-site we are able to help Smaller Non-Profit organizations with their fundraisers.

Minimum 30 popcorn bags with a 30-50% profit margin! 

We do fundraisers for Schools, Day Cares, Dance Studios, Church Groups, Cheerleaders, all Sports Teams (softball, baseball, football, soccer etc.) Orders over 5000 bags have a two week delivery timeframe. 

  • 30 bags -   $3.75 a bag
  • 50 bags -   $3.50 a bag
  • 100 bags - $3.25 a bag... suggested fundraiser sale price $5.00   

🍿Our program is Designed to be Simple 🍿

We even even have created Organizational Tracking Logs for your Leaders & Participants and Participants Tracking Sale Log to help you stay organized.

 Ready? Let’s Get Your Fundraiser Started Today !!

🍿1. First, review the Fundraising Price List & Flavor Selection Pre-Order Worksheet to determine what best meets your fundraiser needs. Set your Goal & How much each of your participants should sell to meet that goal. This Worksheet includes the wholesale price by size and product, recommended sale price and estimated Profit Margin for each.

Fundraising Price List & Flavor Selection "Pre-Order" Worksheet click here
Example of a Completed "Pre-Order" Worksheet click here

🍿2. Select 5-6 flavors from the Popcorn Flavors from the Fundraiser Price List & Flavor Selection Worksheet. If you’re not sure what flavors to choose, we bolded the most popular selling fundraiser flavors to help you decide. so if you have 50 participants and your goal is for each to sell 20 bags each, that is 1000 bags. 

🍿3.  Once you Complete the Pre-Order Worksheet on the sizes, products, flavors & volume you need, order options:
- Place your Bulk Order by size and flavor(s) by size and have your participants sell the products when they arrive 
- Afraid of left overs? Have your  participants pre-sell the products, collect the orders & funds from your participants, and then place the order for the amount of products in total sold, to be distributed by your participant when the product is delivered.


🍿4. To Keep Track Complete the Master Organizational Tracking Worksheet the volume to be distributed to each leader and participant, prices, etc.  click here

    Create One by Leader, Coach, Teacher, Team, etc., if applicable
    Create One of Leader's Participants 


🍿5. Leader or Chairperson fill out the Participant Tracking Worksheet. Click here to download and complete and print for each participant. 

🍿6. When you receive your order, to ensure freshness, distribute within 24 hours to be sold to within a week. 

🍿Encourage your participants to sell to their family, friends, neighbors, etc. Some even get approval to sell in front of store fronts and sporting fields (baseball, football, soccer, etc.) 

🍿Don't forget.. All Successful Fundraisers Set Aggressive Goals for their participants and some even offer an incentive for the person(s) who sells the most... Make it Fun ! 

🍿Orders Shipped to Florida MUST provide a Sales Tax Exemption Form Please email us a copy to, providing your Contact Name and telephone number.  We will call you the same day or next morning, based on business hours M-F 8 am – 6 pm, est. to answer any of your questions, customize your fundraiser and get you started.

Note: Since Our Popcorn is popped fresh to order we recommend setting a goal for your organization & participants first, place your order and immediately distribute to your participants to sell within a week to ensure delivered fresh to your customers. You also have the option to have your participants take orders and collect the funds then place the order to be distrubuted when received.    

🍿 Have a question, need assistance, no worries we are here to help you through the process. Just compelte our Contact Us Now Link or Email us with your Organization Name, Contact Person & Phone Number.  We will contact you within the same day during business hours 9am-6pm, est. or the next morning. 




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