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You are now able to order products online for pick up or delivery!

We will set you up with a Customer Account, Ensure you are tax exempt for your purchases and Create a Unique Discount Code for Your Store to receive your wholesale discount. note: if you are a wholesaler and have not ordered online, please send an email to so we can get you set up. 

(company websites or online socials i.e.; facebook, instagram, tiktok, etc.)

You may list a picture of our products online only to let your customers know they are available in your store for purchase, and any price listed must not be below our website retail prices! We will be monitoring our wholesalers and Franchisees to enforce MAP pricing. Meaning, YOUR ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL OUR PRODUCTS FOR LESS THAN THEY ARE LISTED RETAIL ON OUR WEBSITE IN YOUR STORE or ADVERTISE Online or in Flyers for a lesser price. 

Note: If there are any product missing or you would like added in the future please be sure to contact Tim to get approval and we will have them added to the website for you.

Interested in having a Wholesaler Account to sell our products in your store?
The owner Tim White is very selective on whom he allows sell his proucts. He will review all the required information below and get back with you on his decision within 2-4 business days.  
  1. Email to 
  2. The Name of your Store and address where our products will be sold
  3. Contact Email & Phone Number
  4. A copy of your Sellers Tax Certificate
  5. What Products you want to sell and estimated quanity anticipated weekly

Thank you for your continued business!🍿

If you have any questions or seeking approval to purchase wholesale or become a franchise owner, please email Tim White at 

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